The most common response I get when I tell people I’m a copywriter is: “So what does a copywriter do, exactly?” The name implies that I create written content, which is true, but in practice, copywriting means far more. The goal of copywriting is to persuade, influence and inform and can take many forms, including… Continue Reading

If you’ve never worked with a professional copywriter, you might find it surprising that writing is one of the final steps in my process. Before I even start the first draft, I research the audience, market, and the product or service I’m writing about, so I can create content that’s fresh, compelling and engaging for your target customers.… Continue Reading

Yes, there is in fact a surprising range of copywriting, which may explain why the term can be confusing to many people. Copywriting covers numerous channels, many of which overlap and interact with one another. Some of the most prominent types include content marketing, digital media, search engine optimization (or SEO), emails and direct response letters, brand journalism,… Continue Reading

With a background in marketing and journalism, unsurprisingly my greatest passions are marketing copywriting and brand journalism. I love weaving a story that at once engages the customer while conveying the excitement, inspiration and need for a product or service. I welcome the challenge to craft strategic content marketing solutions that deliver exceptional value to… Continue Reading

As a content marketer and brand journalist, you may wonder why I don’t blog about how to use those strategies to improve lead generation, raise brand awareness and increase engagement. Well, because my second passion is healthcare and wellness. And since health and fitness are perennial buzzwords and frequently covered in the media, why not… Continue Reading

If you truly enjoy writing and conveying your message in written form, that’s great! But if you’re like many business owners and managers, you may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of creating or updating content for your marketing platforms. Copywriting is more than simply putting pen to paper. Before I even begin writing for a… Continue Reading

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, search engine optimization, or SEO, is far from obsolete. Yes it’s true Google continually updates their SEO guidelines to improve the usefulness and accuracy of search results, but SEO is still an invaluable and essential tool for digital marketers. You can pay to rank near the top… Continue Reading

Absolutely! Persuasive and compelling copy is essential for converting browsers of your site into buyers and lifelong customers. As prospective buyers of your product or service journey through the customer lifecycle, you must anticipate and meet their needs and requirements at each stage. And this is where content marketing and copywriting come into play. Thanks… Continue Reading

Having also worked as a web designer, I can almost guarantee your developer won’t be happy creating content for the website they’ve been tirelessly building for you. Even if a developer is willing to write content for your site, there’s no guarantee that he or she has the skills or expertise to create compelling and… Continue Reading

Maybe. Depending on the type of print collateral you already own, some of the copy may be transferrable to your website. But it’s important to remember that the way we consume print media is radically different from how we consume digital content. Web readers “snack” on snippets of information; many times they may only read… Continue Reading

An elegant template for Headway! Use this template as a starting point for your next Headway project!

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