My passion is discovering what’s exceptional about you, your company or your product, and bringing that story to life.

I’ve had a passion for creating awesome content for as long as I can remember. Before I could even hold a pencil, I was telling stories.

I narrated my first tales into a bulky Fisher Price tape recorder, and even added my own sound effects using tin foil or whatever else on hand. I spent entire afternoons crafting the perfect adventures for my hero, a ragtag teddy bear, as he embarked on perilous quests in search of the ultimate honey pot (this was also during my Winnie the Pooh phase).

Becoming a writer seemed like the next logical step. Now I get to tell stories for a living.

I have over ten years of professional marketing and copywriting experience, in addition to hands-on experience with web design and implementation of SEO best practices. I earned my Bachelors of English from the University of Southern Maine and Certificate in Journalism from the University of California, Los Angeles. I've also studied opera and performed at Carnegie Hall. I've survived blizzards and droughts, and drove cross-country from my native Maine to my new home in sunny California.

So what does my background mean for you? I approach your unique circumstances as an opportunity: a chance to tell your one-of-a-kind story and illustrate how your service or product can benefit and enrich the lives of your customers. My background in journalism means I know how to craft meaningful stories with compelling angles and engaging narratives. And with my technical writing experience, I enjoy tackling challenging projects and breathing new energy into lesser known or less understood subject areas.

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